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San Cera Coat Industries Pvt. Ltd.


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7/B, Wing Annapurna Cooperative Housing Society, Navghar Road, Behind North Kanara Bank, East Mira, Bhayandar(East), Maharashtra - 401105, India

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Industrial Coatings

We offer premium quality Industrial Coatings, to protect surfaces for moisture, acid, abrasions and vagaries of nature. We are based in Maharashtra, India. We are considered as a specialty supplier and exporter of high grade Industrial coatings and popular among them being :
  • Refractory Coatings
  • Brushable Ceramic Coatings
  • Abrasion Resistant Coatings
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings
  • Marine Coatings
  • Antifouling Coatings
  • Foundry Coatings
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings

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Refractory Coatings

We are a professional exporter and supplier of quality Refractory Coatings, based in Maharashtra, India. The premium quality refractory coatings we offer are widely used to add strength and durability to refractories. The refractory coatings we offer also enhance the energy efficiency of firebricks and kilns. We offer these


Brushable Ceramic Coatings

Located in Maharashtra, India, we are one of the foremost exporters and suppliers of Brushable Ceramic Coatings which help protecting the surfaces they are used on from abrasions, moisture and corrosion and keep it looking neat and clean. We offer a wide range of brushable ceramic coatings for a variety of applications and you


Abrasion Resistant Coatings

The Abrasion Resistant Coatings we offer are widely used industrial coatings on steel and tool steel components to ensure their friction free performance. Our abrasion resistant coatings are known for their quality and strength. We offer a variety of abrasion resistant coatings to suit various applications and surfaces they are


Corrosion Resistant Coatings

We offer a wide variety of epoxy based Corrosion Resistant Coatings for a variety of applications. The corrosion resistant coatings we offer, work by ensuring that they have 0% porosity and do not absorb any atmospheric moisture and furthermore create an airtight layer over the surface, thus ensuring complete corrosion


Chemical Resistant Coatings

We are a widely respected exporter and supplier of Chemical Resistant Coatings, based in Maharashtra, India. We offer these chemical resistant coatings, which are suitable for use in Industrial laboratories, industrial equipment and other surfaces, which are constantly in touch with acids or acidic products to ensure their


Marine Coatings

Located in Maharashtra, India, we are a prominent supplier and exporter of Marine Coatings. We offer protective marine coatings that can be used for boats, ships, your marine equipment and other surfaces that need to be protected from marine weather conditions and heavy corrosion, These premium quality marine coatings offer


Antifouling Coatings

We offer Antifouling Coatings or biomimetic coatings which are used widely as a protective coatings for water vessels to control the growth of aquatic organisms, algae and fungi on the hull or external surface of the vessels, thereby endangering them or adversely effecting their performance. Based in Maharashtra, India, we are


Foundry Coatings

Foundry Coatings help in getting smooth and fault free castings, which adds to the quality of all finished products. The foundry coatings we offer are castings, which are applied using a brush or swab. These foundry coatings ensure, clear and smooth castings from molds. We have clearly established ourselves as a supplier and